Charlotte & John's Travels

A gallery of our adventures

5 passes topo copy.jpg
Topo map of 5 Passes Route
P4030010 copy.jpg
Heading up the Rock Burn
P4040016 copy.jpg
Rock bivouac below Park Pass
P4040018 copy.jpg
Tarn on Park Pass
P4040021 copy.jpg
Bryneira Range from Park PassThe valley to the right leads to Cow Saddle
P4040022 copy.jpg
Heading towards Fiery ColThe red rock gives Fiery Col it's name
P4040024 copy.jpg
Fiery Col in the clagThere is still snow in April!
P4050029 copy.jpg
View from the Olivine Ledge
P4050031 copy.jpg
Olivine Ledge Rock BivvyPeter plots the next days tramping.
P4050041 copy.jpg
Travelling down the Beans Burn
P4050042 copy.jpg
The Beans Burn
P4050046 copy.jpg
Lower Beans Burn
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