Charlotte & John's Travels

A gallery of our adventures

Peso PizzaAn inexpensive lunch. 5 Cuban pesos = 20 cents Canadian
The Sport Of DominoAlways refered to in the singular, domino is everywhere and you will see quartets of old men (in this case old women) slamming down their tiles.
Neigbourhood CompetitionOur casa owner and I took on the neighbours in a street game of domino. A very popular past time in Cuba, played with much passion as the tiles are slammed onto the makeshift table.
Children CrossingA sign we saw many times as there are lots of elementary schools. Are those briefcases???
Helado for all the ChildrenThe popular machine-dispensed peso ice cream is an afternoon treat not to be missed.
Foreign Photographer for the Vuelta de Cuba - Stage 3An internationally recognized cycling race ended in Bayamo where we were staying for a few nights. Our casa owner, a photographer himself, had connections that allowed John to take photos of the race finish from inside the barriers.
Rest stop along the Carretera CentralOther than the Autopista (which actually ends abruptly in places), this is the main highway linking the country.
Part of our Daily ForageLocating shops that sold 1.5 litre bottles of water was a regular afternoon adventure. Notice the many bottles of oil on the lower shelves - Cubans love their fried food.
Typical CarMany NA cars from the 50's still exist. Some in extremely good shape, others very well used.
Early Morning PhotoJust north of Sancti Spiritus along the Carretera Central.
Another LineupCubans are incredibly patient as they must line up for almost everything. This is a line for a Coppelia, ice cream shop, in Santa Clara.
Hand Washing - Todos los dias lave me ropaEvery day we washed our cycling clothing and hung it on the line to dry. Few homes have washing machines. Laundromats?? - only in the big cities.
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